A Rough Patch

by Gall

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released December 16, 2015

Written/produced by Alex Skaggs
Recorded in my parents home in Guthrie, OK
Late July of 2015



all rights reserved


Gall Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Remove My Fire
All you wanted was a sustaining love
In your fountain you're splashing water around

Holy water, so pure
Remove my fire, my dove
I am stagnant, and charred
never move anymore
Track Name: Repeater
Wade in your garden
Forgiven, forgotten

Play back what you said, I can't comprehend
You caressed my spine, a weaker bend

I know you see it
We keep repeating

Repeat repeater
and I can't help but stutter
my eyes can't help but shutter

I know you see it
We keep repeating
A slow, defeating feeling
Track Name: Pushed Over
Floating suspended in time
Always forgiving a lie
Tucked in your blanket of light
taking back what's left of mine

should i go home?

Pushed over, over, and over

I never sought despair
I never really care
Lied through a cut and run
I thought you were the sun
and if I restart
was all of my progress art?
I love but I can't bend
a certain end
Track Name: How Bad Is It?
A blank stare
Your weaker hand
caressed my spine
a weaker bend
How bad is it?
you're lingering

Frequent dream
Polluted head
How bad is it?
Will I forget?
Track Name: Goldbrick
I'm already undone
Hey, wouldn't be fun if we
talked about this later on?
you know I love to put it off
but do you blame me for it?

How euphoric will I be if I don't forfeit?
How euphoric will I be if I forfeit?
Track Name: Invisible Light
An invisible light
Always in disguise
Never have a good vibe
I try not to see time from left to right
and I'm careful

This is why I disassemble
and why I can't repair
and why I go unnoticed
why don't I ever care?
Track Name: A Rough Patch
Why is it so hard to come to terms?
Quiet, dreaming silence
Man of few words
I am moving slower with time
but I'm so divine

Weaker state, I really shouldn't correlate
Removal is fine, forgiving is prime
Golden stare, of the unrepaired
Removal is fine, forgiving is prime

A Rough Patch